Best Adjustable Dry Erase Easel in 2019

Do you have a child who is going to daycare, kindergarten or school? Or you are in need of a best easel that can be dry erased and adjustable for your home or school?

This article has the top picks of best adjustable dry erase easel which is explained in detail. You can choose the best one that perfectly fits you.

Most of the children love to write on the board more than their notes. This is one of the efficient methods to make them learn too. You can get an easel with many determined features associated with them so that they will love to write more and focus on both studies and extracurricular activities.

As a mother of two children, I have researched for some of the best easels and picked the best five adjustable and dry erase easel for the efficient learning and the strong foundation for your child.

Best Adjustable Dry-Erase Easel

Are you looking for an easel with dry erasing and adjustable features? Then undoubtedly you can prefer this five different brands of adjustable dry erase easels for your children.

Our #1 Pick:Deluxe easel from Melissa & Doug

I have researched for more than a day and has chosen as the highly preferred easel by most of them for their children’s and the schools.

While considering the price of this product, they are moderate when compared to other easels. They can be used for multi purposes like drawing, painting, writing, playing and much more.

This type of easel includes a board which can be dry erased, a chalkboard for writing on the board, roll holder for locking the paper, paper cutter for the safety of the child, clip grip that can be removed easily. Apart from this, there are two different types of plastic trays available, which can be removed and cleaned easily.

You can fold this easel and keep in a safe place when not in use. You will be able to adjust the height as you wish. This easel is available in two different styles namely Frustration free packaging and Deluxe easel.

This is designed for the maximum creativity purpose; you will be able to make your child genius.

Our #1 Pick:Deluxe


  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Tit


  • Long term contract
  • Short trial period
Melissa & Doug 1
  • Two sided Board
  • Attached Paper Holder
  • Removable Trays

Our #2 Pick:Dry-erase easel from Universal One

What will the children do if you give a board for them? They love to play with it, they draw, paint, create art and much more. The same can be possible with this universal one easel too.

Comparing the price, they are moderate and also comes in different style, shape, size, and color. It’s easy to clean the drawings or to write made by your child because they come with the reliable feature of dry erasing.

They contain an adjustable legs that can be adjusted based on the height of the children’s. They come with a sturdy and attractive frame that will attract most of the children to write over them.

The dimension of this white board comes with 29 X 40 which is associated with a silver frame. The material is made up of anodized aluminum so that it last longer.


  • Ligh Weight
  • Sturdy


  • Not well for Normal use.
Universal One2
  • No Pinch Pad Retainer
  • White Color constructionC
  • Adjustable Legs

Our #3 Pick:Art Easel from ECR4Kids

The price of this art easel is affordable when compared to the previous easel products. This comes with an art ease on the two sides of the board and apart from that, on the side of the board there is a magnetic dry erase for the easy association.

This product comes with chalkboard, paper roll holder, tray for storing paints cups, suppliers, dry erase for cleaning the board. This would be the perfect for small children especially in preschools, daycare, classrooms, home use for the children’s.

It comes with an adjustable legs so that you will be able to adjust them based on the children’s height. The specialty of this ease is that you can pull the top roll of the paper as your ease and then this can also be secured with the magnets provided there.

They are available in the dimension of 23X19.5X36 inches, and they weigh about 15.4 pounds. ECR4Kids has the Greenguard Gold certification for not including more chemical pollutants.

This would be perfect for the children above three years and cleanup, and storage is made in a simple way.


  • Connected Paper Holder at Top
  • Adjustable Legs


  • Bit Small
  • Magnetic Dry Erase
  • Wide Middle Tray
  • Better Performance

Our #4 Pick:Kids Easel from Studio Designs

The price of this product is affordable when compared to the last three products. They are used for multi purposes like painting, drawing, writing and much more.

This kids easel includes a two-sided easel, chalkboard, the plastic tray for the storage purpose. Their overall dimension is about 20.75X 22.75X48. They also have the paper roll along with the board. You will be able to adjust the legs as per the children height.

The two different style available for this kids easel is paper roll and Easel. This contains a dry erase board on one side with 17.25X23 dimension and heavy duty chalkboard with 18.75X23.

They are also available with different heights, the mounted Dowel which is present in the top can hold up to 16” paper roll. They weigh about 16 pounds and also available in different colors.


  • Easy to Fold
  • Strong Four Leg Base


  • Tall for Kids
  • Two Attached Trays
  • Height Adjustments
  • Wide and Diffrent Boards

Our #5 Pick:Drawing Easel from My Gift

The price of this product is affordable when compared to the last four products, this type of easel comes with the adjustable heights, made up of red and green wood along with the chalkboard, Dry erase whiteboard, the plastic tray for storing, etc.

The overall dimension of this product is about 19.7X39.4X22.4 and the dry erase boards with 19.7 X 23.6. This is perfect for the kids who are above three years. MyGift never lags us behind in producing the best quality and high-efficiency product materials.

This product includes a cleaning brush which can be used for multipurpose, dry eraser for the board, the marker for the whiteboard, colorful alphabetic characters which are of magnetic in nature.

They can be adjustable as per the child height and then can be used; you can fold the ease when not in use.  


  • Colorful Construction
  • Portable


  • Weak Tray Attachment
  • Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Affordable Price
  • Attached Paper Holder

Bottom Line

Hope the above best five picks of adjustable dry erase easel will be helpful to choose the right easel for you.

Having any queries on the above products? Free feel to shoot out your queries in the comment section below.

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