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Have you ever fought with your siblings for sharing any properties?

Just remember the olden days, sharing a cupboard with your naughty sister or brother and fighting for the board. Am sure you can have a charming smile when you remember it.

Your children also fight for the same reason? Don’t worry; to help you in a better way the easel manufacturers has created a combination of a board with small racks to hold your children properties. An easel with additional shelves for babies is one of the high sale products.

There are several products of baby easel available in the market with several features. I have picked out the top rated baby folding easel and listed it below for your preference.

B. Toys Easel Does It Wooden Art Easel

While looking for the best folding easel for your kids the B. Toys product fulfills your needs completely. This easel containing chalkboard in which your child can draw and write using chalk. On the other side, it includes a white board that is for writing and drawing using sketches.

There are shelves available in the lower area of the chambers in which you can keep books, stationery items or other things. The foldable option of this device will help you to fold the easel into a compact size and carry anywhere you need. This device does not have permanent mounting, as it is a portable easel you can move it from one place to another location.

High-quality woods are used to construct this device, and this shows the durability of the easel. You can use it for long days without any damages in it. The double sided board will make your child happy and comfortable by using both the chalk and sketches or markers.

Our #1 Pick:Toys Easel Does It Wooden Art Easel

Special Feature:

It has big shelf at the bottom of champer to keep the books and your drawing properties.

Key features:

+ natural wood construction,

+ two sided boards.


+ adjustable legs,

+ easy to fit.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Crayola Qwikflip Easel

The Crayola has introduced a cute foldable easel for kids, and that is known as the best one among the other easels available for children. Double sided wall makes the device more comfortable. The one end of it has dry erase board, and the other end has a chalkboard.

The rotating function of the device will make your kids happy and allow them to enjoy their drawing. To keep your painting cups, brushes, and chalks there is a storage tray present in the bottom of the board. This easel is 40 inches height, so surely this device will be comfortable for the children to paint, draw or write.

You can fold the easel in an easy way to and store it anywhere you need. This device is light weighted, and so you can also shift the easel from one place to another location. It offers paint brushes, erasers, cups and letters with the package to make you comfortable.

Our #2 Pick:Crayola Qwikflip Easel

Special Feature:

It has great and prtty look which will attract the children.

Key features:

+ rotating multifunction easel,

+ magnetic dry-erase board.


+ light weight,

+ sturdy.


+ Small magnets in letters.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Best-Rite Baby Folding Easel

The most comfortable with several features easel is the one and only Best-Rite Baby Folding Easel. It is one of the top rating devices among the easel products available in the market.

It comes with the double side board.

The one side of the board is for chalk use, and the other portion is for painting, drawing, and writing. Your children can share the easel easily. There are storage trays available in the bottom area of the easel.

The below storage cups helps to keep painting things and other particles safely. It also has shelves to hold books and so your children can maintain the note aside and paint on the board.

This device is foldable, and so you can fold it easily and store it anywhere you need.

This easel is lightweight, and so you can carry it without strain. The high-quality materials are used to construct this easel. This feature allows the device to be durable.

Our #3 Pick:Best-Rite Baby Folding Easel

Special Feature:

It comes with the racks to hold the study material.

Key features:

+ two dry-erase markerboard,

+ sturdy wire tub rack.


+ white powder coated steel,

+ recylable plastic tubs.


+ Hard to fix.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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MyGift 2-in-1 Children’s Whiteboard Easel

In the production of easel for children the manufacturer of MyGift has done a great job by producing 2 in 1 white board easel. This device brought a significant growth for MyGift.

It comes with two whiteboards, the one side is for chalk use, and the other hand is for using sketches and paints. There is a compact storage track at the bottom of the boards, and that helps to hold the particles you use for painting and writing.

This device is small, and light weighted so you can carry it anywhere you need. You can also fold this easel and store it any place. Your children can enjoy this easel, and you can use it daily.

As high-quality materials are used to construct this easel, it can be highly durable. There will not be any damages made to the board even after prolonged use.

The size of the device matches the children from the age of 2 or 3. The appearance and the compact size surely give high comfort to your kids.

Our #4 Pick:MyGift 2-in-1 Children's Whiteboard Easel

Special Feature:

This easel will provide the great comfort zone for your babies.

Key features:

+ A-frame construction,

+ attached trays of two side.


+ easy to fold,

+ attractive color construction.


+ Difficult to assemble.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Best Choice Products Kid Wood Easel

When searching for the best product for a baby easel, we have found out that the Best Choice Products Kid Wood Easel is one of the best devices that are available in the market. Your kids surely enjoy this device because of the comfort your children get by using it.

This device has a double side; one side is the chalkboard, and the other hand is the dry erase board. You can fold it easily, and store it in any places as you wish.

Using high-quality woods are selected to build the device. Still, it is light weighted. This feature helps you to carry it anywhere you need. There is a storage rack at the bottom of the boards, and this will contribute to holding the small particles like brushes and little paint cups.

Children can paint and draw using the dry erase board, and you will never find difficult for cleaning the board. The perfect texture present on the board will help you to have clean boards.

Our #5 Pick:Best Choice Products Kid Wood Easel

Special Feature:

The magnetic letters can be used at the chalkboard itself.

Key features:

+ strong wood construction,

+ wide legs.


+ foldable,

+ easy to store.


+ Uncomfortable.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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Final words

Hope this article will be highly helpful for you to select the best baby folding easel. If you have any issues, you can share it in the below command box.


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