Top 5 Flipchart Easel | A Complete Guide

Are you a business official? Many business officials, teachers, and artists use easel in their day to day life. They use it for teaching, artistic works and presentation. There are various types of the easel, and among them, I feel flipchart easel stands as the best one.  

Flipchart easel is the best easel because it is suitable for all types of activities. The need and use of flipchart easel are high, and so, many brands have come forward with various models of flipchart easel. Among these models, only a few satisfies our needs with high–quality.

For your convenience, I have shortlisted those few models. Hope this guide will help you in choosing the best flipchart easel.

Top Flipchart Easel

Our #1 Pick:Audio-Visual Direct Flip-Chart Presentation Easel

The Audio-Visual direct flipchart easel ranks the top among all flipchart easels. This easel is built with high-quality components so that you can use it for a long time. Further, this easel has various built-in additional features to satisfy customer needs.

It is a tripod easel that uses three legs for standing firmly in unstable situations. The easel has a sturdy aluminum material design with the lightweight feature. So that, you can carry this product to many places as per as your need. This aluminum material is coated firmly and so it withstand perfectly in all kinds of circumstances and situations.

In addition to this, the easel is designed with adjustable feature too. This feature helps you to access the easel in various heights. Even, it can be used on the ground level and so, kids too can access the flipchart with this easel. Further, the easel also has adjustable art holders too. This holder keeps the flip chart effectively in its position for a long time.

There is a top clamp attachment with it. Connecting and removing the flipcharts become comfortable with this accessory.  There is also a spring loaded switch to support this operation. This top clamp holds the flipcharts effectively for a long time.

Further, you can see interconnections within the easel, and these interconnections contribute stability. The entire product is durable and can be utilized by many people at a time.


  • Easy to fold
  • Wide board


  • Bad Shape
1 Pick
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Special Rubber Grip
  • Telescoping Legs

Our #2 Pick:Quartet Easel Flip Chart

The Quartet Easel is a dual-functional easel designed for both flipcharts and whiteboard. This product has the capability to access both the whiteboards and the flipcharts efficiently. There is a  flipcharts holder along with the white board. This feature helps the charts to be placed along within the whiteboard.

This easel is adjustable, and so it can be used for teaching kids of any level. Further, stylish look of this easel makes it elegant. With this, you can easily use the easel for presentations and other important events. This easel is used even in small workhouse environments.

The frames have a black finish with it. This black finish offers durability and flexibility to the frames.  Further, the whiteboard can be slipped easily to various positions. With this, the easel can be used as a table for artwork also.

Further, storing this easel is very simple. It can be stored compactly within less coverage area. Further, the installation process of this barcode scanner is simple compared to other scanners. With this simple installation technique, you can use it in all circumstances.


  • Black Finish Frame
  • Long Lasting


  • Bad Shape
pic 2
  • 70 inch Board
  • Dry-erase Melamine Surface
  • Durability and Flexibility

Our #3 Pick:VIZ-PRO Flipchart Easel

The easel that ranks the third in the list is the VIZ-PRO easel. This product is also a tripod easel, and so the stability offered by them is high. All the three poles have a slip-free base so that you can use it in various climatic conditions and situations.

It is a dual-functional board it can be utilized both as a white board and as a flipchart. The whiteboard is flexible; you can access it with the help of markers. Cleaning the whiteboard is also simple. Further, the board has holders for placing flipchart also.

These holders can be accessed easily, and you can place them without any trouble. The height of this easel is variable, and so it can be used as per as your needs. This easel is easy to install, and it can be folded compactly and stored within less coverage area. It also has pen trays at the bottom. They hold the pens and markers firmly without any loss.

The bottom of the legs has scratch free pads; these pads safeguard the floor without a scratch. In addition to this, there are two moveable hooks at the top of the whiteboard. With these two hooks, you can place the flipcharts


  • Wide Board
  • Dry-erase


  • Poor Quality
2 pick
  • Porcelain Magnetic Surface
  • Attached Pen Tray
  • Slip-Free Base

Our #4 Pick:US Art Supply Flipchart Easel

The US Art Supply is a brand that manufactures top rated products in easel. Among their models, Boardroom 66 stands unique with its features and advancements. This easel has a high-quality design with advanced functions. It is a tripod easel, and so stability offered by the easel is high.

The height of this easel is adjustable, and it presents information to various optimal heights effectively. With this easel, you can gather the attention of the people. There is an inner steel segment within the easel. By replacing these steel sections in various places, So that, you can reposition the easel as per as your need.

The entire product has a modern black color design. This color makes the easel more attractive, and so it can be placed in all the types of places. This easel is useful even for business presentations.

The top of this easel has various attachments. They hold the flipchart completely for a long time. Further, the flipcharts can be accessed easily with the product. Further, the tripod legs have locks with it. With these locks, You can place the easel in a particular location.


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easy to Store


  • Bad Structure
3 pick
  • Removable Filpchart
  • Spring Loaded Top Clamp
  • Telescoping Legs

Our #5 Pick:Alvin Aluminum Display Easel

The Heritage Arts ATA-3 Coronado Easel is a simple, unique easel designed with aluminum material. The aluminum has a lightweight design with it. This design offers flexibility and durability to the easel. Apart from this, it is a tripod easel designed widely to provide stability in various places.

The tripod legs have a lock on it. This lock is useful, and it offers complete compensation to the people. Further, these locks keep the easel in its position. By unlocking, you can adjust the height of the easel.

This easel also features folding capability with it. As the storage area is less, it can be stored entirely within less area. Further, this product is easy to install, and it takes just a minute. The top of the easel has a unique adaptation to hold the white board and the flipchart.

The entire product is durable, and it has a long lifetime compared to other products. This easel has a silver color design, and so it can be used even in workspaces and in other regions.


  • Folded Upto 36 inches
  • Wide up to 63 inches


  • Bad Connection Holes.
pic 5
  • Strong Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Telescoping Legs

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