Top 5 Best Presentation Easel | A Complete Guide

The presentation is the process where information can be shared with the group of team members. Presenting something is really wonderful where you will get a lot of suggestions and idea.

Surviving in the Corporate business world is a big challenge today. Once you entered into this world you should be more creative, aggressive, and informative to secure your position.  Maximum of presentations takes place in the business world, classrooms, and outdoor workshops.

Kinds of presentations

I could defer the presentation in two ways. One is the Indoor presentation and another one is an outdoor presentation. In indoor presentation. Indoor presentations can be done by using Powerpoint presentation with the help of projectors. And the outdoor presentation can be done by using stands and easels.

What is Easel?

The easel is a presentation table that can be used with the presentation charts and boards. Choosing the professional ease is important. Once you set up the charts then you should concentrate on the presentation not on the stand whether it’s fixed perfectly or not.

There are a lot of easels available in the market.  I have listed widely used best Presentation easel that may help you to find the right one.

Top Best Presentation Easel

Our #1 Pick:US Art Supply Presentation Floor Easel

US Art Supply Presentation easel is one of the best easels that can be used for artwork presentations, posters, small boards. It designed with an adjustable table holder that hold the presentation perfectly.

It is made of high quality lightweight 3/4″ tubular aluminum metal that assures to hold maximum 25lbs weight of charts or board. It designed with the Modern black satin anodized that gives the excellent finishing to the product. It ensures the polishing surface that allows you to handle easily.

It comes with the adjustable telescoping legs that made of non-slip rubber feet. This product is available in various size in heights from 36″ to 66″. It is only 3 pounds of weight.


  • The specialty of this product is it can be folded easily.It allows you to keep the product even in a small space.
  • The attractive design is simple and sturdy.


  • Non-Slipper Rubber Feet
  • Easy to Fit


  • Long term contract
US Art Supply
  • Tubular Aluminum Material
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Stored at Small Space

Our #2 Pick:Quartet DuraMax Presentation Easel

This Quartet DuraMax Easel comes in 72 inches with lightweight functionality. It is constructed with plastic blow mold that assures the high-level durability for a long time. It designed with the spring-loaded flipchart retainer that allows you to hold the maximum number of flipcharts perfectly.

The easel body is patented with the self-contained pedestal base that provides the easy storing, stacking and transporting options. It comes with the molded handgrips that ensure the easy portability.

It can be used in classrooms, training rooms and workshops. The unique feature of this easel is, it comes with the handy storage compartment that allows you to keep the markers, erasers, and other small goods.  SO you no need to carry them separately.


  • It is supported with the attachment pegs. It also comes with the strong spring clip.
  • You can able to carry this easel in the car and keep this product in a small place.


  • Light Weight
  • Sturdy


  • Hard to Assemble and Fold
  • Durable Plastic
  • Spring-Loaded Flip Chart Retainer
  • Durable Plastic Blow Mold

Our #3 Pick:Studio Designs Jumbo Presentation Easel

Jumbo Presentation table comes in 48″W x 48″D x 28.75″ – 70.75″H Dimensions. The height can be adjusted from 38.75″ to 70.75 “. It designed with the strong anodized 1” Aluminium Alloy in the middle of the legs that contains the large holding capacity.

It comes with the snap fit claim that assures the easy holding option. It contains the secure telescoping Legs Adjustments that allows you to adjust on the tabletop or floor.

It easily supports the larger presentations pads and posters. It is made of slender it gives the sturdy look. The ideal feature of this product comes with two durable chart that allows you to adjust the easel in four directions such as top and bottom &  up and down. It includes the locking center brace that provides the stability to the easel on the floor.


  • The dual mode adjustment makes the product unique.
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • Best for Floor Use
  • Stable Aluminum Alloy Legs


  • Thin Legs
  • Snap Fit Claim
  • Telescoping Leg Adjustment
  • Easy Holding Option

Our #4 Pick:MasterVision Presentation Easel

Master Vision Presentation Easel is the dual mode easel that can be used as both presentation table and be drawing or writing table. It comes with the surface that can be cleaned easily and is perfectly suitable for moderate level use.

It designed with easy one hand operation and it has no-pinch pad holder. It can hold any size easel pads. The foldable functionality allows you to fold the easel for storing in the small place. This simple design ensures the portability.

It comes with the reinforced stand corners that provide the stability to the easel on the floor. This lightweight easel allows you to unfold and set it up within a couple of minutes. This high-quality product comes at the low price.


  • The dual mode function of this easel makes the product unique.
  • This easel is sturdy and have the increased stability on the floor.  


  • Easy to Fold
  • Foldable


  • Little Bit Bigger Size
  • Easy Clean Surface
  • Fixed at Any Direction
  • Reinforced Legs

Our #5 Pick:Universal One Heavy Duty Presentation Easel

I would like to add this Universal One heavy duty Presentation in this list because it has the ability to hold the heavyweight flipcharts and boards. This product comes in the dimension with 39.57 Long,4.92 Width, and  69 height.

This product is constructed with the metal that provides the stability and it is non breakable. It is available with the varieties of finishing. It designed with the adjustable chart holders that allows you to adjust the charts as much you want.

It comes with the rubber feet that ensures the no skid security. It does not make any cracks on the floor and its noise free when you move the easel. This 45 lbs weight easel best choice for the heavy level presentations. You can carry this product everywhere and keep in small place.


  • The designed with the rubber feet that ensures the stability.
  • Rubber feet for no-skid security
  • It comes with the metal clamp that assures the slip-free charts.


  • Non-Slip Security
  • Portable


  • Weak Legs
  • Strong Metal Construction
  • Rubber feet
  • Durable and Lightweight

Bottom Line

Presenting with easel is makes your presentation so professional. So you can choose the best easel by comparing the product features. Every product is unique with the special features. You can also search online for more products.

Top 5 Best Kid’s Easel | An Overview

Having kids at home gives happiness to the family members. We can forget our stressed world by seeing their activities.

But nowadays they are stuck with the mobile phones, video games, and some other electronic gadgets. So they are not ready to try and know the new things. We can’t let them like this. It may make them as lazy in future.

Parents have the responsibility to bring out the talent of their kids. Their support is essential for their children to prove and achieve something in their life.

Are you a mother?

Do you want to make your child get away from the devices which are spoiling their life?

Then bring them the best Easel. This will inevitably divert their mind through another way.

Easel for kids is best to make them know more, and it can improve the drawing, learning, and even more skills of your kids.

Here is a list of best kids easel used and referred by most of the people. Take a look and bring the best one for your kid.

Top Best Kid Easels

Our #1 Pick:Melissa and Doug Kids Easel

It is a great easel for drawing, learning, playing, and can use in any way. It has two sides to work with it. So you can make your two kids learn or play with this easel at the same time. In this two-sided easel, there are three and more boards are available.

An erasable board is one among them. By this, you can teach your kid. Also, they can improve their writing skills by this board. Chalkboard is also attached with this easel. The lock at the top is available to hold the paper. Doing a paper drawing will be useful by this easel.

There is two big sized plastic trays are connected with the middle of this easel. You can keep your instruments which are used by you while drawing, writing, and learning with these trays. It has long, foldable, and adjustable legs. With the use of its foldable legs, you can fold this and store it anywhere.

You can adjust the height of this easel in the desired way. So it will be comfortable to your kids to work with this easel.


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Colorful Easel


  • Long term contract
Melissa & Doug pic
  • Paper Clips at Top
  • Removable Trays
  • Two Sided Boards.

Our #2 Pick:Step 2 Kid Easel

This Step 2 easel also has boards at the two sides. Those can be used for drawing, writing, and learning. The magnetic sticking letters can be used in this easel. This easel has one chalkboard and open board to use both paper drawing and sticking letters to learn. By this, your kid will find out more words.

A large wide tray is attached with this easel at the middle. By this, your kids don’t want to hold anything in their hands.  They can do their work freely. You can also keep the paint boxes, brushes, and lightweight water bottles in this tray.

Since it is made up of plastic material, it is easy to carry. So you can bring this to the outside also. If your kids get bored with indoor playing, then you can go out with easel, and they can enjoy their drawing by seeing the natural sceneries.

This kid easel has available in two colors such as pink and red. These two colors will surely attract the kids. The only downfall of this is that it take a while to assemble.


  • Large Middle Tray,
  • Easy to Carry


  • Will not Sturdy at Outdoor
  • Durable Plastic
  • Paper Holder at Top
  • Magnetic Sticking Board

Our #3 Pick:VTech Kids Easel

This VTech easel has additional and innovative features than the above two types. Kids love to learn new things if it is in pictorial representation. VTech knows this better. So they embed a unique feature in this easel.

A light-up design is available here. It creates a border of a particular image on the board. By connecting that borders, you can complete the picture. It will attract the kids. To do this, a pen called Magic Pen has wired with this easel.

Not only for pictures it can also draw the letters and words. By writing over that, your kid will learn the new words quickly. For the best vision, it uses the LED light bulbs to project that pictures and drawing. Your kids can workout with new and innovative drawings and vocabularies in an easy way.

It has four legs with a strong base. A removable tray is attached at two sides of boards. And this easel is introduced with two bright colors; Pink, Regular.  It requires 4 AA batteries to work. Since it uses the LED displays, you may have to replace the battery often.


  • Picture Representation
  • Easy to Learn and draw


  • Short
  • Safe to Use Magnetic Pen,
  • Light-up Design
  • Interest of Kids

Our #4 Pick:Hape Kid Easel

Hape kids easel also has double sided board with adjustable tray. The whiteboard is designed to hold the magnetic letters also. A hanger is connected to two edges of the easel. This is to keep the paper roll. So you don’t want to fix the paper separately. With the use of paper clips, you can do your drawing easily.

After the roll is over you can replace them with the new one. The best part of this easel is that all the parts attached with this can be removed. So you can eliminate a tray if you don’t want. This is same for all other departments of this easel. The stands are made up of non-toxic material. So it will be safe and also last longer.

This board can be adjusted based on the height of your kids. Since it has a dry-erasable board and chalkboard, you can use both chalk and marker to write on this easel. The foldable legs will be useful to store this in a well-disciplined manner.

This easel is suitable for the kids aged from 3 to 8 years. It is costly; it may be a demerit of this easel.


  • Foldable
  • Bright Color Construction


  • Difficult to Assemble
  • Connected Paper Roll
  • Two Sided Boards,
  • Perfect Height Adjustments

Our #5 Pick:Melissa and Doug Easel for Kid

This is the another best product from Melissa and Doug to give a treat for your kids. It has an additional feature which is not possible in the previously explained product from Melissa and Doug. That is, you can use magnetic stick letters in this easel. This feature is missing from their first product.

It can easily handle by kids who are above three years. With its durable wooden base and legs, they can stand for a long time. Th attached tray at the two sides can be removed for cleaning so don’t worry if your kid drops or pour that tray with paint.

The locks are easily connectable so your kid can use this easel immediately after receiving.  

There are three adjustment holes for placing a tray. So you can have the two trays at the front by removing the second one from the back and attach that in a front.  And the height of the easel can also be adjusted easily.


  • Added Trays at Two Sides
  • Can Use Magnetic Letters


  • No Paper Roll
Melissa & Doug pi
  • Strong Wood Construction
  • Three Adjustable Heights
  • Magnetic Letters and Chalk

Bottom Line

So these are the best list of Easel for the kids.

Hope the review about the best Kids Easel which you have gone through is useful to you.

Take an effort to make your children active and stress-free.

Now, Are you ready to buy an Easel for your kid?

Best Adjustable Dry Erase Easel in 2019

Do you have a child who is going to daycare, kindergarten or school? Or you are in need of a best easel that can be dry erased and adjustable for your home or school?

This article has the top picks of best adjustable dry erase easel which is explained in detail. You can choose the best one that perfectly fits you.

Most of the children love to write on the board more than their notes. This is one of the efficient methods to make them learn too. You can get an easel with many determined features associated with them so that they will love to write more and focus on both studies and extracurricular activities.

As a mother of two children, I have researched for some of the best easels and picked the best five adjustable and dry erase easel for the efficient learning and the strong foundation for your child.

Best Adjustable Dry-Erase Easel

Are you looking for an easel with dry erasing and adjustable features? Then undoubtedly you can prefer this five different brands of adjustable dry erase easels for your children.

Our #1 Pick:Deluxe easel from Melissa & Doug

I have researched for more than a day and has chosen as the highly preferred easel by most of them for their children’s and the schools.

While considering the price of this product, they are moderate when compared to other easels. They can be used for multi purposes like drawing, painting, writing, playing and much more.

This type of easel includes a board which can be dry erased, a chalkboard for writing on the board, roll holder for locking the paper, paper cutter for the safety of the child, clip grip that can be removed easily. Apart from this, there are two different types of plastic trays available, which can be removed and cleaned easily.

You can fold this easel and keep in a safe place when not in use. You will be able to adjust the height as you wish. This easel is available in two different styles namely Frustration free packaging and Deluxe easel.

This is designed for the maximum creativity purpose; you will be able to make your child genius.

Our #1 Pick:Deluxe


  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Tit


  • Long term contract
  • Short trial period
Melissa & Doug 1
  • Two sided Board
  • Attached Paper Holder
  • Removable Trays

Our #2 Pick:Dry-erase easel from Universal One

What will the children do if you give a board for them? They love to play with it, they draw, paint, create art and much more. The same can be possible with this universal one easel too.

Comparing the price, they are moderate and also comes in different style, shape, size, and color. It’s easy to clean the drawings or to write made by your child because they come with the reliable feature of dry erasing.

They contain an adjustable legs that can be adjusted based on the height of the children’s. They come with a sturdy and attractive frame that will attract most of the children to write over them.

The dimension of this white board comes with 29 X 40 which is associated with a silver frame. The material is made up of anodized aluminum so that it last longer.


  • Ligh Weight
  • Sturdy


  • Not well for Normal use.
Universal One2
  • No Pinch Pad Retainer
  • White Color constructionC
  • Adjustable Legs

Our #3 Pick:Art Easel from ECR4Kids

The price of this art easel is affordable when compared to the previous easel products. This comes with an art ease on the two sides of the board and apart from that, on the side of the board there is a magnetic dry erase for the easy association.

This product comes with chalkboard, paper roll holder, tray for storing paints cups, suppliers, dry erase for cleaning the board. This would be the perfect for small children especially in preschools, daycare, classrooms, home use for the children’s.

It comes with an adjustable legs so that you will be able to adjust them based on the children’s height. The specialty of this ease is that you can pull the top roll of the paper as your ease and then this can also be secured with the magnets provided there.

They are available in the dimension of 23X19.5X36 inches, and they weigh about 15.4 pounds. ECR4Kids has the Greenguard Gold certification for not including more chemical pollutants.

This would be perfect for the children above three years and cleanup, and storage is made in a simple way.


  • Connected Paper Holder at Top
  • Adjustable Legs


  • Bit Small
  • Magnetic Dry Erase
  • Wide Middle Tray
  • Better Performance

Our #4 Pick:Kids Easel from Studio Designs

The price of this product is affordable when compared to the last three products. They are used for multi purposes like painting, drawing, writing and much more.

This kids easel includes a two-sided easel, chalkboard, the plastic tray for the storage purpose. Their overall dimension is about 20.75X 22.75X48. They also have the paper roll along with the board. You will be able to adjust the legs as per the children height.

The two different style available for this kids easel is paper roll and Easel. This contains a dry erase board on one side with 17.25X23 dimension and heavy duty chalkboard with 18.75X23.

They are also available with different heights, the mounted Dowel which is present in the top can hold up to 16” paper roll. They weigh about 16 pounds and also available in different colors.


  • Easy to Fold
  • Strong Four Leg Base


  • Tall for Kids
  • Two Attached Trays
  • Height Adjustments
  • Wide and Diffrent Boards

Our #5 Pick:Drawing Easel from My Gift

The price of this product is affordable when compared to the last four products, this type of easel comes with the adjustable heights, made up of red and green wood along with the chalkboard, Dry erase whiteboard, the plastic tray for storing, etc.

The overall dimension of this product is about 19.7X39.4X22.4 and the dry erase boards with 19.7 X 23.6. This is perfect for the kids who are above three years. MyGift never lags us behind in producing the best quality and high-efficiency product materials.

This product includes a cleaning brush which can be used for multipurpose, dry eraser for the board, the marker for the whiteboard, colorful alphabetic characters which are of magnetic in nature.

They can be adjustable as per the child height and then can be used; you can fold the ease when not in use.  


  • Colorful Construction
  • Portable


  • Weak Tray Attachment
  • Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Affordable Price
  • Attached Paper Holder

Bottom Line

Hope the above best five picks of adjustable dry erase easel will be helpful to choose the right easel for you.

Having any queries on the above products? Free feel to shoot out your queries in the comment section below.

Best Baby Folding Easel in 2019

Have you ever fought with your siblings for sharing any properties?

Just remember the olden days, sharing a cupboard with your naughty sister or brother and fighting for the board. Am sure you can have a charming smile when you remember it.

Your children also fight for the same reason? Don’t worry; to help you in a better way the easel manufacturers has created a combination of a board with small racks to hold your children properties. An easel with additional shelves for babies is one of the high sale products.

There are several products of baby easel available in the market with several features. I have picked out the top rated baby folding easel and listed it below for your preference.

Top Baby Folding Easel

Our #1 Pick:Toys Easel Does It Wooden Art Easel

While looking for the best folding easel for your kids the B. Toys product fulfills your needs completely. This easel containing chalkboard in which your child can draw and write using chalk. On the other side, it includes a white board that is for writing and drawing using sketches.

There are shelves available in the lower area of the chambers in which you can keep books, stationery items or other things. The foldable option of this device will help you to fold the easel into a compact size and carry anywhere you need. This device does not have permanent mounting, as it is a portable easel you can move it from one place to another location.

High-quality woods are used to construct this device, and this shows the durability of the easel. You can use it for long days without any damages in it. The double sided board will make your child happy and comfortable by using both the chalk and sketches or markers.


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easy to Fit


  • Uncomfortable
Toys Easel 1
  • Natural Wood Construction
  • Two Sided Boards
  • Big Shelf

Our #2 Pick:Crayola Qwikflip Easel

The Crayola has introduced a cute foldable easel for kids, and that is known as the best one among the other easels available for children. Double sided wall makes the device more comfortable. The one end of it has dry erase board, and the other end has a chalkboard.

The rotating function of the device will make your kids happy and allow them to enjoy their drawing. To keep your painting cups, brushes, and chalks there is a storage tray present in the bottom of the board. This easel is 40 inches height, so surely this device will be comfortable for the children to paint, draw or write.

You can fold the easel in an easy way to and store it anywhere you need. This device is light weighted, and so you can also shift the easel from one place to another location. It offers paint brushes, erasers, cups and letters with the package to make you comfortable.


  • Light Weight
  • Sturdy


  • Small Magnets in Letters
Crayola 2
  • Magnetic Dry-erase Board
  • Rotating Multifunction Easel
  • Pretty Look

Our #3 Pick:Best-Rite Baby Folding Easel

The most comfortable with several features easel is the one and only Best-Rite Baby Folding Easel. It is one of the top rating devices among the easel products available in the market.

It comes with the double side board.

The one side of the board is for chalk use, and the other portion is for painting, drawing, and writing. Your children can share the easel easily. There are storage trays available in the bottom area of the easel.

The below storage cups helps to keep painting things and other particles safely. It also has shelves to hold books and so your children can maintain the note aside and paint on the board.

This device is foldable, and so you can fold it easily and store it anywhere you need.

This easel is lightweight, and so you can carry it without strain. The high-quality materials are used to construct this easel. This feature allows the device to be durable.


  • White Powder Coated Steel
  • Recylable Plastic Tubs


  • Hard to Fix.
Best-Rite 3
  • Two Dry-erase Marker Board
  • Sturdy Wire Tub Rack
  • Racks to Hold the Study Material

Our #4 Pick:MyGift 2-in-1 Children's Whiteboard Easel

In the production of easel for children the manufacturer of MyGift has done a great job by producing 2 in 1 white board easel. This device brought a significant growth for MyGift.

It comes with two whiteboards, the one side is for chalk use, and the other hand is for using sketches and paints. There is a compact storage track at the bottom of the boards, and that helps to hold the particles you use for painting and writing.

This device is small, and light weighted so you can carry it anywhere you need. You can also fold this easel and store it any place. Your children can enjoy this easel, and you can use it daily.

As high-quality materials are used to construct this easel, it can be highly durable. There will not be any damages made to the board even after prolonged use.

The size of the device matches the children from the age of 2 or 3. The appearance and the compact size surely give high comfort to your kids.


  • Easy to Fold
  • Attached Trays of Two Side.


  • Difficult to Assemble
MyGift 4
  • A-frame Construction
  • Attached Trays of Two Side
  • Great Comfort Zone

Our #5 Pick:Best Choice Products Kid Wood Easel

When searching for the best product for a baby easel, we have found out that the Best Choice Products Kid Wood Easel is one of the best devices that are available in the market. Your kids surely enjoy this device because of the comfort your children get by using it.

This device has a double side; one side is the chalkboard, and the other hand is the dry erase board. You can fold it easily, and store it in any places as you wish.

Using high-quality woods are selected to build the device. Still, it is light weighted. This feature helps you to carry it anywhere you need. There is a storage rack at the bottom of the boards, and this will contribute to holding the small particles like brushes and little paint cups.

Children can paint and draw using the dry erase board, and you will never find difficult for cleaning the board. The perfect texture present on the board will help you to have clean boards.


  • Foldable
  • Easy to Store


  • Uncomfortable
  • Wde Legs
  • Strong Wood Construction
  • Chalkboard Itself

Final words

Hope this article will be highly helpful for you to select the best baby folding easel. If you have any issues, you can share it in the below command box.

The 5 Best Artist Easels in 2019

Every person in this world must be interested in specified field. They must be passionate about it limitless. Drawing is an art which shows one’s creativity. For any artist, they want to make an art what actually in their mind.

In that situation, they need some calmness atmosphere around. The easel place an important role for a good drawing. If your easel is steady, then your drawing will be good to see without any scribblings.

To be an artist, it is important to look out the durable, strong easel before purchasing it.

Don’t compromise with others in buying worth easel for your regardful drawing. They may confuse by saying “you and your drawing aren’t worth for a costly easel.”

Choosing the best easel will contribute to making your drawing ranking first.

Currently, there are numerous easels have arrived for each age group artist. The easels are made of towards the various artists from childhood to adults in various comfortability.

It is also varied in various colors, size, parts and attracted designs. It has various types such as table top easels, portable easels, Bench easels, giant easels and frame easels.

Here, I’ve explained the various types of easels those are best in the market. Continue reading…

Top Best Artist Easels

Our #1 Pick:Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

This Melissa made in U.S.A, It has the product dimensions of  27 x 26 x 47 inches. This product has the weight about 15 pounds. It designed to use in multiple ways of creating art.

This easel also works as Chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder, dry erase board and child-safe paper cutter.

This Melissa easel is specially made for the young children. It let your children creative side bigger and gives them freedom to make art. Because this easel is small in size, your young one can easily make a drawing of their own in an adjustable height without difficulties.

This Melissa easel, let your children in create a new drawing with chalk, pencils, crayons, sketches and more. After drawing both sides of this easel make an easy cleaning without worrying.

It designed for inspiring your children to the core of creativity, to make art in the easiest way and designed for simple cleaning.


  • Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Fit.


  • Weak Material
best 1
  • Two Sided Board
  • Attached Paper Holder
  • Two Large Trays

Our #2 Pick:US ARt Supply Easel

This US art supply easel has the dimensions of  20.8 x 4 x 3.5 inches. The weight of this product is about 1.8 pounds.

This easel has an adjustable leg that allows for indoor, outdoor fixing and tabletop use. This product has made of high-quality aluminum metal which is light in weight. To secure the canvas it attached with the spring-loaded top clamp. We can get this easel with the carry bag and shoulder strap for portability. Also, it is flexible on an outdoor field, adjustable with the uneven ground.

It is very useful for beginning and for the outdoor painting. It designed with the knob for quick adjustments on height and angle adjustments.

This easel accommodates canvas art about 32” height. Best easel for all the field artist.


  • Light Weight
  • Easily Folded


  • Poor Build
  • Aluminum Material
  • Dual Function Canvas
  • Adjustable Legs

Our #3 Pick:US Art Supply Huntington Easel

This US art supply Huntington has the dimensions of  58 INCH Wide x 43 INCH Deep x 52 INCH High. The weight of this product is about 3.1 pounds.

It designed with adjustable legs which allow in do at indoor, outdoor and tabletop use. This product has made up of  High-quality aluminum metal which is light in weight. It designed to secure the canvas, so it attached with the spring-loaded top clamp.

We can get this easel with the carry bag and shoulder strap for portability. It is flexible for advanced artists who draw on location.

We can fold this easel within 25 inches for comfortable storage into small pieces for transporting. It designed with the knob for quick adjustments on height and angle adjustments. It designed with about 58 inches wide base for additional sturdiness.

This easel accommodates canvas art about 52” height & 1-1/2 INCH Thick, Up to 25 lbs.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Best for Indoor/Outdoor


  • Not Sturdy
  • Spring Loaded Top Clamp
  • Strong Aluminum
  • Great Portability

Our #4 Pick:US Art Supply Artist Easel

This easel has the dimensions of 53.5 x 6.8 x 6.5 inches. It has the weight capacity up to 25.4 pounds.

This easel constructed of beech wood, hand crafted design, finished with natural oil, it designed with an H-frame design. It has the adjustable angel and bracket to adjust the height.

It designed with front storage for easy access to supplies. It is more applicable for the beginners. Can easily fold it by pieces for easy transportation.

The height adjusts from 69.5”-90” and the base measures about 21.5” square.

It designed with the knob for quick adjustments on height and angle adjustments. It accommodates the canvas art in the height of 48 inches


  • Hand-Made Connection
  • Folded as Flat


  • Poor Lumber
  • Hand Finished Wood Material
  • Withstand for Longtime
  • Height Adjustments

Our #5 Pick:Art Alternatives Young Artist Easel

This Art Alternatives yo0ung artist easel has the dimensions of 44 x 23 x 2 inches. It has the weight around 9.9 pounds. It designed with double sided.

The large trays given for both in the middle of two, it prevents the legs from folding, and it acts as a stabilizer. It prevents the legs from moving or collapsing while painting.

With this easel board, you can paint, draw, color with a double-sided board which has fixed. Also, you can use paints, chalk, crayons according to the material you have chosen for.

The paper roll is a part and a feature of this easel board which performs in feeding on behind the white towards the top.

Assembling light is required. The wooden frame can appear about 22 in W x 43 in H x 19.5inD. It is designed specially for your young artist.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Portable


  • Weak Wood Material
  • Big Sized Trays
  • Attached Paper Roll
  • Telescoping Legs


In this article, i’ve explained about the various easels commonly used by the artist and the suggestible easels for your young ones and beginners. Paint your art, make your creation colorful.

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Top 5 Flipchart Easel | A Complete Guide

Are you a business official? Many business officials, teachers, and artists use easel in their day to day life. They use it for teaching, artistic works and presentation. There are various types of the easel, and among them, I feel flipchart easel stands as the best one.  

Flipchart easel is the best easel because it is suitable for all types of activities. The need and use of flipchart easel are high, and so, many brands have come forward with various models of flipchart easel. Among these models, only a few satisfies our needs with high–quality.

For your convenience, I have shortlisted those few models. Hope this guide will help you in choosing the best flipchart easel.

Top Flipchart Easel

Our #1 Pick:Audio-Visual Direct Flip-Chart Presentation Easel

The Audio-Visual direct flipchart easel ranks the top among all flipchart easels. This easel is built with high-quality components so that you can use it for a long time. Further, this easel has various built-in additional features to satisfy customer needs.

It is a tripod easel that uses three legs for standing firmly in unstable situations. The easel has a sturdy aluminum material design with the lightweight feature. So that, you can carry this product to many places as per as your need. This aluminum material is coated firmly and so it withstand perfectly in all kinds of circumstances and situations.

In addition to this, the easel is designed with adjustable feature too. This feature helps you to access the easel in various heights. Even, it can be used on the ground level and so, kids too can access the flipchart with this easel. Further, the easel also has adjustable art holders too. This holder keeps the flip chart effectively in its position for a long time.

There is a top clamp attachment with it. Connecting and removing the flipcharts become comfortable with this accessory.  There is also a spring loaded switch to support this operation. This top clamp holds the flipcharts effectively for a long time.

Further, you can see interconnections within the easel, and these interconnections contribute stability. The entire product is durable and can be utilized by many people at a time.


  • Easy to fold
  • Wide board


  • Bad Shape
1 Pick
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Special Rubber Grip
  • Telescoping Legs

Our #2 Pick:Quartet Easel Flip Chart

The Quartet Easel is a dual-functional easel designed for both flipcharts and whiteboard. This product has the capability to access both the whiteboards and the flipcharts efficiently. There is a  flipcharts holder along with the white board. This feature helps the charts to be placed along within the whiteboard.

This easel is adjustable, and so it can be used for teaching kids of any level. Further, stylish look of this easel makes it elegant. With this, you can easily use the easel for presentations and other important events. This easel is used even in small workhouse environments.

The frames have a black finish with it. This black finish offers durability and flexibility to the frames.  Further, the whiteboard can be slipped easily to various positions. With this, the easel can be used as a table for artwork also.

Further, storing this easel is very simple. It can be stored compactly within less coverage area. Further, the installation process of this barcode scanner is simple compared to other scanners. With this simple installation technique, you can use it in all circumstances.


  • Black Finish Frame
  • Long Lasting


  • Bad Shape
pic 2
  • 70 inch Board
  • Dry-erase Melamine Surface
  • Durability and Flexibility

Our #3 Pick:VIZ-PRO Flipchart Easel

The easel that ranks the third in the list is the VIZ-PRO easel. This product is also a tripod easel, and so the stability offered by them is high. All the three poles have a slip-free base so that you can use it in various climatic conditions and situations.

It is a dual-functional board it can be utilized both as a white board and as a flipchart. The whiteboard is flexible; you can access it with the help of markers. Cleaning the whiteboard is also simple. Further, the board has holders for placing flipchart also.

These holders can be accessed easily, and you can place them without any trouble. The height of this easel is variable, and so it can be used as per as your needs. This easel is easy to install, and it can be folded compactly and stored within less coverage area. It also has pen trays at the bottom. They hold the pens and markers firmly without any loss.

The bottom of the legs has scratch free pads; these pads safeguard the floor without a scratch. In addition to this, there are two moveable hooks at the top of the whiteboard. With these two hooks, you can place the flipcharts


  • Wide Board
  • Dry-erase


  • Poor Quality
2 pick
  • Porcelain Magnetic Surface
  • Attached Pen Tray
  • Slip-Free Base

Our #4 Pick:US Art Supply Flipchart Easel

The US Art Supply is a brand that manufactures top rated products in easel. Among their models, Boardroom 66 stands unique with its features and advancements. This easel has a high-quality design with advanced functions. It is a tripod easel, and so stability offered by the easel is high.

The height of this easel is adjustable, and it presents information to various optimal heights effectively. With this easel, you can gather the attention of the people. There is an inner steel segment within the easel. By replacing these steel sections in various places, So that, you can reposition the easel as per as your need.

The entire product has a modern black color design. This color makes the easel more attractive, and so it can be placed in all the types of places. This easel is useful even for business presentations.

The top of this easel has various attachments. They hold the flipchart completely for a long time. Further, the flipcharts can be accessed easily with the product. Further, the tripod legs have locks with it. With these locks, You can place the easel in a particular location.


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easy to Store


  • Bad Structure
3 pick
  • Removable Filpchart
  • Spring Loaded Top Clamp
  • Telescoping Legs

Our #5 Pick:Alvin Aluminum Display Easel

The Heritage Arts ATA-3 Coronado Easel is a simple, unique easel designed with aluminum material. The aluminum has a lightweight design with it. This design offers flexibility and durability to the easel. Apart from this, it is a tripod easel designed widely to provide stability in various places.

The tripod legs have a lock on it. This lock is useful, and it offers complete compensation to the people. Further, these locks keep the easel in its position. By unlocking, you can adjust the height of the easel.

This easel also features folding capability with it. As the storage area is less, it can be stored entirely within less area. Further, this product is easy to install, and it takes just a minute. The top of the easel has a unique adaptation to hold the white board and the flipchart.

The entire product is durable, and it has a long lifetime compared to other products. This easel has a silver color design, and so it can be used even in workspaces and in other regions.


  • Folded Upto 36 inches
  • Wide up to 63 inches


  • Bad Connection Holes.
pic 5
  • Strong Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Telescoping Legs