An Overview On Best Kid’s Easel

Having kids at home gives happiness to the family members. We can forget our stressed world by seeing their activities.

But nowadays they are stuck with the mobile phones, video games, and some other electronic gadgets. So they are not ready to try and know the new things. We can’t let them like this. It may make them as lazy in future.

Parents have the responsibility to bring out the talent of their kids. Their support is essential for their children to prove and achieve something in their life.

Are you a mother?

Do you want to make your child get away from the devices which are spoiling their life?

Then bring them the best Easel. This will inevitably divert their mind through another way.

Easel for kids is best to make them know more, and it can improve the drawing, learning, and even more skills of your kids.

Here is a list of best kids easel used and referred by most of the people. Take a look and bring the best one for your kid.

Top 5 Best Kid Easels

Check out the best kid easel brands and their detailed review here.

  1. Melissa and Doug Kids Easel

It is a great easel for drawing, learning, playing, and can use in any way. It has two sides to work with it. So you can make your two kids learn or play with this easel at the same time. In this two-sided easel, there are three and more boards are available.

An erasable board is one among them. By this, you can teach your kid. Also, they can improve their writing skills by this board. Chalkboard is also attached with this easel. The lock at the top is available to hold the paper. Doing a paper drawing will be useful by this easel.

There is two big sized plastic trays are connected with the middle of this easel. You can keep your instruments which are used by you while drawing, writing, and learning with these trays. It has long, foldable, and adjustable legs. With the use of its foldable legs, you can fold this and store it anywhere.

You can adjust the height of this easel in the desired way. So it will be comfortable to your kids to work with this easel.

Our #1 Pick:Melissa and Doug Kids Easel

Special Feature:

It has removable trays at the bottom of boards at both side.

Key features:

+ paper clips at top,

+ two sided boards.


+ adjustable legs,

+ colorful easel.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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  1.  Step 2 Kid Easel

This Step 2 easel also has boards at the two sides. Those can be used for drawing, writing, and learning. The magnetic sticking letters can be used in this easel. This easel has one chalkboard and open board to use both paper drawing and sticking letters to learn. By this, your kid will find out more words.

A large wide tray is attached with this easel at the middle. By this, your kids don’t want to hold anything in their hands.  They can do their work freely. You can also keep the paint boxes, brushes, and lightweight water bottles in this tray.

Since it is made up of plastic material, it is easy to carry. So you can bring this to the outside also. If your kids get bored with indoor playing, then you can go out with easel, and they can enjoy their drawing by seeing the natural sceneries.

This kid easel has available in two colors such as pink and red. These two colors will surely attract the kids. The only downfall of this is that it take a while to assemble.

Our #2 Pick:Step 2 Kid Easel

Special Feature:

It has included with magnetic sticking board and letters so kids can learn more words.

Key features:

+ durable plastic,

+ paper holder at top.


+ large middle tray,

+ easy to carry.


+ Will not sturdy at outdoor.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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  1. VTech Kids Easel

This VTech easel has additional and innovative features than the above two types. Kids love to learn new things if it is in pictorial representation. VTech knows this better. So they embed a unique feature in this easel.

A light-up design is available here. It creates a border of a particular image on the board. By connecting that borders, you can complete the picture. It will attract the kids. To do this, a pen called Magic Pen has wired with this easel.

Not only for pictures it can also draw the letters and words. By writing over that, your kid will learn the new words quickly. For the best vision, it uses the LED light bulbs to project that pictures and drawing. Your kids can workout with new and innovative drawings and vocabularies in an easy way.

It has four legs with a strong base. A removable tray is attached at two sides of boards. And this easel is introduced with two bright colors; Pink, Regular.  It requires 4 AA batteries to work. Since it uses the LED displays, you may have to replace the battery often.

Our #3 Pick:VTech Kids Easel

Special Feature:

It comes with the light-up design feature to increase the interest of kids to do more.

Key features:

+ safe to use magnetic pen,

+ light-up design.


+ picture representation,

+ easy to learn and draw.


+ Short.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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  1. Hape Kid Easel

Hape kids easel also has double sided board with adjustable tray. The whiteboard is designed to hold the magnetic letters also. A hanger is connected to two edges of the easel. This is to keep the paper roll. So you don’t want to fix the paper separately. With the use of paper clips, you can do your drawing easily.

After the roll is over you can replace them with the new one. The best part of this easel is that all the parts attached with this can be removed. So you can eliminate a tray if you don’t want. This is same for all other departments of this easel. The stands are made up of non-toxic material. So it will be safe and also last longer.

This board can be adjusted based on the height of your kids. Since it has a dry-erasable board and chalkboard, you can use both chalk and marker to write on this easel. The foldable legs will be useful to store this in a well-disciplined manner.

This easel is suitable for the kids aged from 3 to 8 years. It is costly; it may be a demerit of this easel.

Our #4 Pick:Hape Kid Easel

Special Feature:

With the perfect height adjustments, this can be used by kids and toddlers.

Key features:

+ two sided boards,

+ connected paper roll.


+ foldable,

+ bright color construction.


+ Difficult to assemble.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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  1. Melissa and Doug Easel for Kid

This is the another best product from Melissa and Doug to give a treat for your kids. It has an additional feature which is not possible in the previously explained product from Melissa and Doug. That is, you can use magnetic stick letters in this easel. This feature is missing from their first product.

It can easily handle by kids who are above three years. With its durable wooden base and legs, they can stand for a long time. Th attached tray at the two sides can be removed for cleaning so don’t worry if your kid drops or pour that tray with paint.

The locks are easily connectable so your kid can use this easel immediately after receiving.  

There are three adjustment holes for placing a tray. So you can have the two trays at the front by removing the second one from the back and attach that in a front.  And the height of the easel can also be adjusted easily.

Our #5 Pick:Melissa and Doug Easel for Kid

Special Feature:

The magnetic letters and chalk can be used at same board.

Key features:

+ strong wood construction,

+ three adjustable heights.


+ added trays at two sides,

+ can use magnetic letters.


+ No paper roll.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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So these are the best list of Easel for the kids.

Hope the review about the best Kids Easel which you have gone through is useful to you.

Take an effort to make your children active and stress-free.

Now, Are you ready to buy an Easel for your kid?

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